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Services Overview

We serve commercial operations in the grain and food industries, and serve facilities operating under the National Organic Program (NOP). We have decades of experience solving the toughest pest control problems. We not only solve current needs but act proactively to implement programs that efficiently manage pests on a long term basis. Our process includes inspection, monitoring, sanitation, exclusion, mechanical control, biological control and chemical control if needed.

Prevention is at the core of our rodent and insect control services. We conduct routine inspection and maintenance checks to identify any weaknesses in your integrated pest management program and immediately take the necessary preventative steps before the problem gets out of control.

Scheduling regular inspections is what lays the foundation of an efficient rodent control program. These scheduled inspections cover all the areas where pests are most likely to infiltrate, such as storage rooms, trash areas and loading docks. Our technicians look for possible points of entry along with the food and water sources which can attract pest infestation.

During maintenance checks our technicians close up possible entry points with the goal of making the entire facility pest-proof. Maintaining cleanliness will also help reduce the risk of infestation.

Grain Production Facilities

We use our 30 years of experience and industry knowledge to help you develop and implement an integrated pest management (IPM) plan to minimize the damages that pests can cause to your commercial grain operation. The program will address both the interior and the exterior of the facility. Key components of an effective IPM include, inspections, monitoring, sanitation and prevention. Our programs emphasize a non-chemical pest prevention approach and focus on facility maintenance and sanitation.

APS technicians are trained to spot signs of rodent activity, and then take additional steps to eliminate the problem. Typical rodent control programs can consist of utilizing rodent traps along the inside perimeter, and tamper-proof bait stations along the exterior perimeter. We will also look for rodent activity in areas away from the walls for a complete solution to your rodent problem. You can depend on APS to solve the toughest rodent obstacles.

Insects are a serious threat to the raw ingredients, production processes and finished goods of commercial grain operations. It is essential to implement a thorough and proactive program to monitor insects and minimize the financial impact they can have.

Our technicians will inspect your operation and identify the insects that need to be eliminated. They will work with you to develop a threshold limit and present a plan to achieve control.

Identifying the source is key to effective treatment. We will present all options available, including Pheromone usage. It is not always necessary to rely on a chemical treatment to achieve control.

Using Grain Protectants has proven to be a very valuable fumigation alternative. The protectants also provide users the opportunity to reduce insect damaged kernels.APS is an authorized distributor for Central Life Sciences. Their pro-active fumigation alternatives provide excellent insect control for your stored grain, empty bins and storage warehouse.

  • Diacon IGR
  • Diacon IGR Plus
  • Centynal EC Insecticide
  • CODEX Approved

We can help you choose the Bug Free Grains product that fits your unique needs.

Food Production and Warehousing Facilities

APS is an authorized distributor of the Bayer RMS, a wireless, tireless network of high-tech sensors added to traps strategically placed around your food production and warehousing facility.

High-tech sensors in each trap monitor and broadcast their status through radio signals. These radio signals are then transferred to the cloud via cellular communication. The cloud software sends real-time notifications to users (email, text message) whenever a rodent is caught.

Bird Control

Pest birds can create public health risks and can be a threat to both commercial grain operations and food manufacturing facilities. Since every pest bird situation is unique, APS will conduct a comprehensive evaluation. The most common types of birds that cause problems include the House Sparrow, Feral Pigeons, European Starlings, Gulls and Canadian Geese.

Our initial focus is to determine what can be done to your property to make your property less attractive to the birds, and to remove their nesting or roosting sites? We work closely with regulatory agencies and industry experts to help determine the best option. You can count on us to give you an accurate assessment and options to get the results you desire.

We have successfully used Border Collies to provide Canadian Geese abatement. The collies scare geese from your property. To the goose, a border collie is no different than a coyote, a natural predator of geese. We have found that after several encounters with the collies, the resident geese will decide that your pond or property isn’t safe.

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