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Insect Control

Insects are a serious threat to the raw ingredients, production processes and finished goods of commercial grain operations. It is essential to implement a thorough and proactive program to monitor insects and minimize the financial impact they can have.

Our technicians will inspect your operation and identify the insects that need to be eliminated. They will work with you to develop a threshold limit and present a plan to achieve control. Identifying the source is key to effective treatment. We will present all options available, including Pheromone usage. It is not always necessary to rely on a chemical treatment to achieve control.

Grain Protectants – Pro-Active Fumigation Alternatives

Using Grain Protectants has proven to be a very valuable fumigation alternative. The protectants also provide users the opportunity to reduce insect damaged kernels. Benefits of using fumigation alternatives includes:

  • No dockage fees for live insects, IDK or odors
  • Fewer losses in test weight due to insect damages
  • Easy application without the need for a special license
  • Prevents future re-infestations
  • No costly fumigations needed
  • Higher profits when selling your grain

APS is an authorized distributor for Central Life Sciences. Their pro-active fumigation alternatives provide excellent insect control for your stored grain, empty bins and storage warehouse.

  • Diacon IGR
  • Diacon IGR Plus
  • Centynal EC Insecticide
  • CODEX Approved

We can help you choose the Bug Free Grains product that fits your unique needs.

Customer Testimonial


I would like to take the time to say that I really appreciate you and your team.

Insect control for our site is very important. We have a food/ drink based product that is very susceptible to infestation. Having a great treatment rotation and the availability to products that keep our grain clean of any insects. You and your team are great to work with. Having recommendations for processes or products is talked about on a regular basis. We have a weekly visit by your technician and he takes the time to tell us what is going on or what he sees in any trends at this site. Having the ability to access on line (anytime) our reports and trending graphs is very valuable during audit.

Thank you Randy for a class act team.

Eric Hanson
Plant Manager
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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